La Dezz

And the story goes....

LaDezz, a musical powerhouse based out of San Antonio TX, is comprised of brothers Mark & David Ledesma, and the lovely Lisa Mar. From the groups beginning in 2016, they have released a steady stream of original music, and have become a crowd favorite with their high energy, and eclectic performances. 
Founder/ Vocalist Mark started playing piano at the age of eight. It wasn't long after that his father took notice of his gift for music, and made him a member of his band. Mark‘s debut band was, "Little Mark & Vision", performing a variety of music from R&B, to Country, Soul, Tejano and Jazz. Lead Vocalist David was 14yrs old when his brothers recognized he had gift for singing. In the early stages of their careers the brothers Mark & David took different musical paths, but would on occasion come together and collaborate on projects. Together they have produced, written, and added their vocal talents to many of todays top artists. After a move to San Antonio in the mid 90's, they joined forces and added their smooth vocal stylings to "The Voice" Jay Perez, and The Band. In 2000 Mark went from a background vocalist to lead, and front man for David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, where he recorded award winning albums, and performed sold out concerts over a 10yr period. David has sang and auditioned for the popular shows,"Americas Got Talent" and "The Voice". Lead Vocalist Lisa Mar is the total package: Artist, Performer, and Vocalist. Born in San Antonio, her passion began as far back as she can remember, singing alongside her siblings where she grew up in Edcouch, Texas. Lisa recorded her first album very early in her career when her family relocated to Holland, Michigan. A short time later, the album was re-mastered and released as 2005's "Naciste Para Mi". Her fans crowned her "La Reina del Arte Latino" and she performed on Domingo Live. She recorded her second album "Sabor Tejano" at Tejas Records. Sabor Tejano really showcased Lisa's diverse talents. 2015 saw the release of her first video single "Shake it Baby". The same year she gained her first sponsorship as the artist spokes model and face of a popular tequila brand. Fast forward to present day as they come together to bring you the group….LaDezz. When asked how they would describe their music, they would simply reply "genuine". Their sound is truly original and they are masters of their craft