La Dezz

Amazing Talent, Mesmerizing Vocals, perfectly 
blended to form a band that delivers a musical performance of the highest caliber. 

Mark, David and Lisa Mar are the driving force that exceeds your expectations at every opportunity when indulging in their music. Musicians celebrate their arrangements, fans love their style and critics alike agree that their stage and studio presence leaves you wanting more, guaranteed to be on repeat.

Latest release - Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo

“Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo” - “A breath of fresh air in what at times feels like a sluggish industry.” - Jonny Ramirez, Tejano Music Radio icon

“Written by Di Marie & Mark Ledesma and produced by keyboardist and long time collaborator Sin Jam. “Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo” is a song that in years past you would expect from Jay Perez or a Mark Ledesma led Musicales. However, I have to say that it fits this quirky band which remains true to who they are through their music and continues to make music para nuestra raza enamorada. In charge of the vocals on this song is David Ledesma, displaying a different kind of vulnerability and not afraid to belt out his neglected passion. Definitely a straight forward old school feeling, with a fresh flavor, Tejano track where the R & B influences of both Mark and David are not lost. As they would often say on American Bandstand, it’s got a great beat, easy to dance to and I love the lyrics.” - J.Ramirez

Song Credits

Keys: SinJam Aussenac

Sax: Valentino Maltos 

Bass: Richie Ledesma 

Guitar: Anthony "Tony" Hernandez 

Drums: Justin Ramirez 

Produced By: SinJam Aussenac

Mix & Master: Rico Gonzales 

Vocal Coach: Jay Perez 

Written By: Di Marie & Mark Ledesma

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LaDezz releases soulful single ‘Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo’ - TejanoNation.net 

The latest single from LaDezz is “Me Quedo Yo Sufriendo,” a heart-wrenching polka with a traditional Tejano sound that leans towards the group’s soulful side as member David Ledesma takes on lead vocal duties. David Ledesma pours his heart and soul into the vocals and lyrics that center on lost love that he is unable to yet let go. The keyboard-driven polka was written by Di Marie and LaDezz member Mark Ledesma. Lisa Mar is the group’s third vocalist. 

The song shows off the band’s versatility and that of…

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Music, Covid, La Dezz 

What does it mean to be a fan of Tejano Music right now? Hell what does it mean to be a fan of any music, artist or event right now? I think it means truly trying to comprehend what your favorite Artist, Venue or Genre is enduring, in the time of Covid 19.  

Let me preface what I'm about to write, with this is my opinion, and my opinion only. It is however one based in fact, from personal experience and expertise. Also for those of you that won't or don't recognize the name accompanying this, I will not…

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